Hello folks. It's quite late, and it's around that time I get retrospective. Better tell you all about it, right?

So I've been doing a lot of drawing exercises lately. Lot of them are women, lot of 'em I shouldn't have polished as much, so it would have given me time to sketch more. I keep thinking that polishing my stuff in Flash is just shooting me in the foot. It's good that I get that clean, solid look, but Flash is screwing up my lines. And this dumb Huion tablet I bought doesn't have pressure detection on the pen, (at least, that's how I got the dumb thing to work) so it makes my linework pretty wonky: it doesn't always have that smooth aspect, that cartoon feel with the lines changing from thick to fine. All of that said, it's weird that I still feel like I'm trying to define my style still today. Trying to use references out of real life pictures, (celebrities, etc.) but this often leads to disastrous results, ensuing self-loathing.

Other projects keep being pushed down the list. Animations, (my video about Six Feet Under), my video game projects (I even bought GameMaker, which I haven't used yet) and dang, I have a lot of song ideas to put down somewhere. All of those seem like pretty lenghty projects, which could represent many more days of labor, and I'm less and less tempted to work on them as they don't seem to give me that fix of creativity that I get here and then. I'm a little more spontaneous, nowadays, shifting from work, to family, to drawing.... I'll probably have to accept that at some point.

Anyway, I've been getting some more followers lately. Welcome to the fold! - Still waiting to get scouted *Ahem. I've just done a cute little piece of Chel from El Dorado. I'm pretty stoked, stuff like that keeps me going. Here's the link if you haven't seen it yet. http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/twobyfour/chel-fanart . Again, I want to thank HugoTendaz for inspiring me lately. I love his line work, his finesse, and especially his vision. Make sure to give him a hug!!

2 x 4 out.



Hi. If anyone cares, here's a preview of an upcoming animation about hot sauce and Six Feet Under (the band, not the show). Just to foam y'all up in the mouth a little


That's right, I need a voice actor for a little short I'm working on, called "The birth of a 2 x 4". Mostly for quality matters (I'm really not well equipped to record quality audio) but also 'cause I'm french and I have an annoying voice when recorded. 3550753_141014495621_BirtH.png

The kind of tone I'm looking for should sound like a little kid doing an essay in front of a class, super nervous, no punctuation, kinda flat, putting accents at the wrong places.... I don't know, surprise me!

PM me for info if you're interested! bling bling is involved.

2 x 4

clock day

2014-08-15 22:05:59 by twobyfour

i don't know what the whole deal is with these clocks, but i got a feeling I posted my movie at the wrong time: the movie I just posted just got pushed back to page 3 of the movie portal within a day because of all that clock stuff.


Anyway here it is :)


Oh and another thought I'm just putting out there. I have this weird idea of putting myself up for vocal work on metal songs. If you need screams, I'd like to think I make a good job at them... Some samples here 



now that I have your attention, check that out....


my facebook page is pretty cool too. *shameless plug - I got more crazy stuff coming, so stay tuned kids!!!!

It's Cana-duh Day here in Canada and it's friggin hot. Have a happy summer everybody!

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Oh, the internets.....

2014-05-18 16:57:11 by twobyfour

Third post, RIGHT NOW!

It's funny how it's hard to keep up with the internet. You want to be seen, but posting stuff is a lot of work. You have to upload (Youtube is a bitch - just sayin), make comments, monitor replies, convert, post links to your other stuff if you have more than one page... and so on.

I, for instance, have a Facebook page here: it's more or less for simple pictures and a few quick links here and there. It's not as interactive as Newgrounds, where I post my Music and my animations... and Facebook's interface is not as appealing. I used to have a Wordpress, where I could decide of the whole look I wanted, but boy! Was that time-consuming. And all that is time taken away that you could use to actually work on projects....Sigh*   It almost feels like I'm talking to myself, thanks to my THREE fans (you rock guys!) LoL.

Anyways, how many posts do I need so I can be seen on the feed of the main page? Do I have to get scouted for blogging entries too?!? Please follow me, I promise to be nice.

Thanks for reading. Now enjoy the following. Still part of my daily doodle challenge, yes....

2 X 4 out

Oh and check out my second speed drawing session, where I'm featuring tracks from soulblud and theeketel



It's late.

2014-04-26 01:42:04 by twobyfour

Hi Newgroundies!3550753_139849063983_paul15.pngSecond post ever here. Thought I'd let you in on the excitement in my life... oh my, it's late... I just finished another illustration for my character Paul. It's on the 2x4 facebook page, but I can put it here too. because I'm nice. I just posted 2 new wicked tracks in the audio section. Give em a try, share your thoughts, I hope you enjoy them! I had a blast doing them, I know that. Also, if you read my other entry, it said something about the doodle-a-day challenge I wanted to do for a year... Yeah, this is actually far from happening. I mean, it's a good objective, it builds your skills and discipline, but when you're juggling with kids, work, school, and bowling pins (...ahah), it was risky that I'd push myself too often and come up with a drawing so crappy, it's embarassing, and that I drew on my hand or on a napkin. Time is a finite resource that I don't have a lot of. * Anyways, I'll be coming back occasionally with some stuff that's been pending too long. Stick around, Mr Bond!   2x4


2013-10-07 10:46:12 by twobyfour

Alright, I'm trying that out for the first time: a news entry. Been on NewGrounds for a long time, lurking, and I've been putting up a few things of my own recently. But life is getting busier and busier! I want to keep my skills sharpened and my imagination running, so I've started this challenge of a doodle a day, minimum. I know it's just doodles, it might look a little messy, but really: if I have TIME, I'll be finishing the better ones on computer. It's funny...time is a thing that, the lesser you have, the more you want it!
I want to get all the 2 x 4 stuff back into my life, start animating again, and potentially, make a living out of it. I got all these crazy ideas I keep thinking of (even at work), I already have a few good different characters I think I could use for more adventures and a few animation projects I'd like to develop, just for shits and giggles! Anyway! The results will be nice to look at towards the end of the challenge and see the progress, because I feel I was getting really rusty!
These doodles will be posted on the 2x4 facebook page, so be sure to check it out, and "like" me!