Entry #1


2013-10-07 10:46:12 by twobyfour

Alright, I'm trying that out for the first time: a news entry. Been on NewGrounds for a long time, lurking, and I've been putting up a few things of my own recently. But life is getting busier and busier! I want to keep my skills sharpened and my imagination running, so I've started this challenge of a doodle a day, minimum. I know it's just doodles, it might look a little messy, but really: if I have TIME, I'll be finishing the better ones on computer. It's funny...time is a thing that, the lesser you have, the more you want it!
I want to get all the 2 x 4 stuff back into my life, start animating again, and potentially, make a living out of it. I got all these crazy ideas I keep thinking of (even at work), I already have a few good different characters I think I could use for more adventures and a few animation projects I'd like to develop, just for shits and giggles! Anyway! The results will be nice to look at towards the end of the challenge and see the progress, because I feel I was getting really rusty!
These doodles will be posted on the 2x4 facebook page, so be sure to check it out, and "like" me!



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2013-10-08 11:24:59

But I don't like FaceBook. :/ I do like this doodle though, looking forward to the final product!

twobyfour responds:

I know I know, facebook sucks doodoos... I'll try to find a way to make the pictures available to non-facebook users. oh and thanks for dropping by!


2013-10-15 17:42:39

Good luck with the daily doodle! You can also post them up in the Art Portal - there's a checkbox you can uncheck to have it only appear on your user page if you don't want to put it into the actual portal (although that would also require getting scouted, which I imagine you would get scouted).

Nice animations!

twobyfour responds:

Thanks, Mr Fulp, for...your advice. I would kiss your hand,if I could :) - and thanks - the doodles are going great!