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ECHO ECHO Echo Echo echo echo cho..... cho..........oooooooooo

2017-02-09 01:21:21 by twobyfour

Hello folks. It's quite late, and it's around that time I get retrospective. Better tell you all about it, right?

So I've been doing a lot of drawing exercises lately. Lot of them are women, lot of 'em I shouldn't have polished as much, so it would have given me time to sketch more. I keep thinking that polishing my stuff in Flash is just shooting me in the foot. It's good that I get that clean, solid look, but Flash is screwing up my lines. And this dumb Huion tablet I bought doesn't have pressure detection on the pen, (at least, that's how I got the dumb thing to work) so it makes my linework pretty wonky: it doesn't always have that smooth aspect, that cartoon feel with the lines changing from thick to fine. All of that said, it's weird that I still feel like I'm trying to define my style still today. Trying to use references out of real life pictures, (celebrities, etc.) but this often leads to disastrous results, ensuing self-loathing.

Other projects keep being pushed down the list. Animations, (my video about Six Feet Under), my video game projects (I even bought GameMaker, which I haven't used yet) and dang, I have a lot of song ideas to put down somewhere. All of those seem like pretty lenghty projects, which could represent many more days of labor, and I'm less and less tempted to work on them as they don't seem to give me that fix of creativity that I get here and then. I'm a little more spontaneous, nowadays, shifting from work, to family, to drawing.... I'll probably have to accept that at some point.

Anyway, I've been getting some more followers lately. Welcome to the fold! - Still waiting to get scouted *Ahem. I've just done a cute little piece of Chel from El Dorado. I'm pretty stoked, stuff like that keeps me going. Here's the link if you haven't seen it yet. http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/twobyfour/chel-fanart . Again, I want to thank HugoTendaz for inspiring me lately. I love his line work, his finesse, and especially his vision. Make sure to give him a hug!!

2 x 4 out.




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2017-02-09 01:38:21

ECHO ECHO Echo Echo echo echo cho..... cho..........oooooooooo
(*The Escapists Memes*)